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Hello, we are Highgroundfloor, your new premium web applications provider. If you need a high tech web application or a simple presentation site, you came to the right place!

Up to 365 days/year

We work as a unified entity where each member makes each project unique. We are a team of like minded people passionate about the product, web and mobile technology, but most importantly - delivering results.

Our team is reliable

Our interdisciplinary team consist of product developers, software engineers, UI/UX designers, mathematicians, cognitive scientists and linguists. We are educated at universities around the globe (New York, Vienna, Granada, Milan, Belgrade).

We understand our clients

However, team spirit and personal engagement is what we value most. Therefore, our team members are not only nerds, but people who run marathons, dance, play basketball or videogames.

Our customer can't live without us

Guys from Highgroundfloor did a very good job for me. I hope to work with them again.
Cheers! Alberto Duncan
Decision to work with Highgroundfloor was one of best business moves I did.
Thank you very much!
I am recomending to all my friends! Melissa McCollum
Our takeout just skyrocketed because we could be taking five orders at one time, instead of just one order at a time. Highgroundfloor made that possible. Miodrag Jankovic

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